Emu farming and breeding: Bio-security measures


Do you want to start a business in emu farming and breeding?

If yes, then there are some bio-security measures that you should be aware of. These bio-security measures are suggested by Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Maharashtra State vide his letter (No. Poultry/emu farming/271/2004/Lr. No. 13/Pune01) dated 8th October 2004. 

Following are the bio-security measures to be taken in emu farming and breeding: 

  • The farm should be ideally placed and away from the population and is bio-secured.
  • The housing should be proper with adequate brooding facilities.
  • There should be a separate workers team, who should not be allowed to get mixed with other workers.
  • There should be separate dress code for the workers.
  • Proper disinfection procedures/foot dips etc., should be maintained.
  • The quarantine sheds should be separate and away from other sheds.
  • The other birds (parent, commercial or pure line etc.) and pets should not be reared/allowed to enter the same farm.
  • The brooding space should be optimum.
  • There should be provision of showers, change over and dips.
  • Proper records should be maintained.
  • There should be scientific facility for disposing off/ destroying the bedding/dead birds etc.
  • The equipment is proper, properly disinfected and separate.
  • The farm should have a water sanitation system.
  • Water source should be tested for mineral, bacterial, chemical, contamination and pathogen load.
  • There should be a proper storage of feed to prevent contamination should be made.
  • The water quality should be checked periodically and if contamination is seen it should be treated with any sanitize.
  • Routine disease monitoring procedures like postmortem examination of dead birds and periodic sera antibody assay is recommended.

[image credit: meercamenace]
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