How to Formulate a Detailed Bankable Project Report?

Here is a short booklet on ‘How to Formulate a Detailed Bankable Project Report?’, which I am providing for free.

In this booklet, I am providing the important points that should be considered while formulating /preparing a detailed bankable project report (DPR), specifically for livestock and poultry farming/rearing/breeding projects.

It can be used as an outline or a template to prepare a new Detailed Bankable Project Report.

dpr-rg[Click on the above image to download the booklet or download from here.]

This booklet is completely free.

You are free to distribute this book to anyone who will be benefitted by it.

You're free to share the link/url of this booklet, and/or upload, print, e-mail or fax it as much as you want to whomever you want.

There are only the following conditions:

  1. You cannot charge for the booklet and/or use it commercially.
  2. You cannot modify/alter (edit, change or remove pieces of) the booklet in any way.
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