Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) - 2014

Centrally Sponsored Scheme
By   GOI, MOA, DAHD. New Delhi.
F.No.1-1/2009-DP dated 8th. May, 2014.

Budget provision Rs. 229.99 crores for the Year 2014-15
 Through: NABARD

Govt. of India has announced continuation of a scheme named as “Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme” (DEDS). The scheme has come in to operation with effect from 1 September 2010. The planning commission GOI has approved the continuation of DEDS with an outlay of Rs.1400.00 crores during, 12th. Five Year plan. Budget provision for the scheme during the year 2014-15 is Rs.229.99 crores (Rs.135.99 crores for Gen. Comp., Rs.44.00 crores for SC comp. & Rs.50.00 crores for NER plan) has been approved as per letter No.1-1/2009-DP, GOI, MOA, DAHD, New Delhi dated 8th. May, 2014. The department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries (DAHD&F), Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, is the focal department for operating the scheme. The sanction & release of subsidy will be managed by NABARD & is subject to availability of funds & adherence of the instructions issued by DAHD&F, GoI and NABARD from time to time.
Objectives of the scheme
  • To promote setting up of modern dairy farms for production of clean milk
  • To encourage heifer calf rearing thereby conserve good breeding stock
  • To bring structural changes in the unorganized sector so that initial processing of milk can be taken up at the village level itself.
  • To bring about up gradation of quality and traditional technology to handle milk on a commercial scale
  • To generate self employment and provide infrastructure mainly for unorganized sector.

Livestock Terminology

Livestock Terminology

  • Barrow - a male hog castrated before it reaches sexual maturity
  • Boar - an adult uncastrated male pig
  • Bovine - the scientific name for cattle
  • Broilers - chickens that are six to 13 weeks of age
  • Bull - a sexually mature male (un-castrated) bovine  
  • Bullock – an adult castrated male of cow 
  • Buck -  an adult, male rabbit or goat
  • Bunny – immature young rabbit
  • Calf - a sexually immature young bovine
  • Calving – a process of giving birth in bovine
  • Cavy - a particular breed of guinea pig
  • Cow - a mature female bovine
  • Doe - an adult, female rabbit or goat
  • Ewe - a mature female sheep  
  • Farrowing –a  process of giving birth in pigs
  • Foaling – a process of giving birth in equines
  • Gilt - a young female pig, An immature femal
  • Heifer - a female bovine less than three years of age which has not borne a calf
  • Hen - an adult female chicken or turkey
  • Hog - a mature swine (usually weighing more than 120 pounds)
  • Kid - a young goat
  • Kidding – a process of giving birth in goat
  • Kindling – a process of giving birth in rabbit
  • Lactation – milk yielding period
  • Lamb - a sheep less than one year in age
  • Lambing – a process of giving birth in sheep
  • Laying – a process of giving egg in poultry
  • Livestock - domestic farm animals kept for productive purposes (meat, milk, work, wool)
  • Market animal - livestock bred and produced for food consumption
  • Pig - a young swine (usually weighing less than 120 lbs.)
  • Polled - a naturally hornless animal 
  • Ratite - a species of bird consisting of rheas, ostriches and emus
  • Rooster - an adult male chicken
  • Ram/Buck- An uncastrated male sheep
  • Sow - a mature female swine that has had a litter or has reached an advanced stage of pregnancy.
  • Steer - a castrated male (within the first 6 months after birth) bovine
  • Stag- cattle or swine castrated after reaching sexual maturity
  • Swine - the scientific name for pigs and hog
  • Vealer- a milk-fed calf (cattle) less than 3 months old.
  • Wether - a castrated shortly after birth male sheep or goat

Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM)

Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal is known as MAVIM and it is the State Women's Development Corporation of Government of Maharashtra. MAVIM has been declared as a Nodal agency by Government of Maharashtra to implement various Women Empowerment Programme through Self Help Groups (SHGs).

I have been empaneled as Consultant (AH & Dairy) up to March 2015 for International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) funded Tejaswini Rural Women Empowerment Programme of MAVIM to support the implementation of the livelihood programme.

How to Select a Cow for Dairy Farming?

Sahiwal Cow (from Wikipedia)

 Selecting a good cow is the most crucial activity for a dairy farmer. Success of the dairy farm depends upon proper selection of cow. The following tips will help in selecting a good cow for a dairy farm. You can ask for clarification on below mentioned points.

List of Parent Stocks of Low Input Technology Poultry Birds

Eligible for GOI Central Sector Sponsored Schemes which can be procured from:-

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