Quail farming: Requirements of a bankable project

A detailed project report (DPR) has to be submitted to the bank to apply for a loan. The bank then evaluates the report and assesses it for technical feasibility and economic viability.

Technical feasibility

  • Suitability of the site location
  • Suitability of the local climate
  • Availability of basic infrastructure and facilities, such as, water, electricity, transport, storage, labor/manpower etc.
  • Availability of potable water
  • Availability of veterinary aid and medicines/ vitamins, minerals etc.
  • Experience and/or training details of the beneficiary (number of birds maintained, number of years of experience/ training if any etc.) in quail farming. The beneficiaries may be individuals, partnership firms, companies, Coops., Corporate bodies, groups etc. In case of no experience in poultry/quail farming, explanation as to how the unit will be managed may be furnished.
  • Sources for procuring feed
  • Arrangements for feed testing for microbial agents or toxins at periodic intervals
  • Layout/site plan/designs of civil work for fencing, gate, internal roads etc. prepared by an authorized/registered civil engineer
  • Flock schedule and housing system
  • Sources for equipments like brooders, waterers and feeders etc.
  • Demand and supply position along with places for marketing of broiler quail/meat/eggs

Economic viability

  • Detail cost estimate for site development prepared by an authorized/registered civil engineer
  • Quotations of plant, machinery and equipments from authorized dealers
  • Amount of loan required and repayment schedule
  • Expenditure estimate for quail chicks/eggs, feed, manpower etc.
  • Income estimates from sale of meat etc.
  • Cash-flow analysis

Other requirements of DPR

  • Wherever applicable permissions/license/NOC from government and various agencies like State Pollution Control Board, Municipal Corporation/Gram Panchayat, State Electricity Board
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