Basic Info - Emu Housing (10 pairs)

Basic requirements for the construction of a shed for 10 pairs of Emu bird:


A.  Area requirement of the Farm

Minimum area for 10 Pairs required: 100'x50', out of which emu shed area is 100'x10' which is generally open from all sides.

So for each pair of emu the shed area with roof covered with galvanized iron (G.I) sheets based on iron angles requirement is 10’x10’.

The floor area of shed should be at least made of kharanja or morum.

B. Breeding pens

In front of the shed there should be the breeding pen for each pair with area of 10'x20' (10 pens).

During breeding season each pen side area (10'x20') should be covered by a cheap cloth (shed net) so that the other bird can’t see them.

Each breeding pen of 10'x20' for a pair with side chain link of 8' height (2"x2") and inner chain link mesh between two pens of 6' height (2"x2").

Each pen should have one M.S. steel gate of 3'x6' size. Thus, there should be total 10 gates.

C. Run-off area

Common run-off area should be 100'x20' for 10 pairs with one main gate 3'x6' size of M.S. steel.

Open run-off area should also be fenced with chain link (2"x2") and iron angles of 9' height.


D.  Material Required for Housing

G.I. chain link mesh required for whole area of 100'x50' i.e. 300 R.FT x 8' height.  And for Inner area (breeding pens): 220 RFT X 6' height.

Total angles required: 9' height X 52 nos. and 6' height X 12 nos.

M.S. steel gate (3' X 6') size: 11 required.

Shed net for breeding pens during breeding season only: 220 RFT X 6' height.

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