Goat Farming – Records and Record Keeping using a Goat Register

I am giving away for free a simple goat register for keeping records of goat farming and rearing.

Record keeping is very essential for good animal farm management and is considered one of the best practices for animal farming. It allows you to make informed decisions regarding the management and animal farming business. Record keeping does not take much time if the record register is simple and is updated frequently.

Depending on the type of goat rearing and breeding systems, the register format may differ based on an individuals’ need. In general, you may want to keep records of doe and buck history, goat breeding, kidding, kid history, health and veterinary, mortality, etc.

Creating a goat register from scratch can be overwhelming and difficult. Existing record keeping tools are either very complicated or are not free.

To ease the process of record keeping for goat farming and rearing, I have prepared a general purpose Simple-Goat-Register. You can modify the register based on your needs.

I am giving away this Simple-Goat-Register for free. See below for instructions on how to download the Simple-Goat-Register for free.

Here is table of contents of the goat register:


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