National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB): Terms of Reference and Approach to the Study

Here are some details on the study I am doing on the National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB) - Impact Analysis regarding the terms of reference and the approach to the study.

Terms of Reference

  • Utilization of funds in conformity with the components sanctioned and deviation, if any
  • Physical verification of the infrastructure created
  • Evaluation of LN2 transport and distribution system strengthened
  • Benefits accrued through institutional restructuring, i.e., creation of SIA for production and supply of inputs
  • Evaluation of performance of AI workers (Govt., Co-operative, Private and NGO), viability and cost effectiveness of private AI workers
  • Possible integration of the project with schemes for rural development (SGSY) / RKVY / Bilateral / Multilateral projects for financial / technical inputs. Actual contribution in physical and financial terms
  • Role of project in generation of employment (direct and indirect) and actually attained
  • Legislative backup required for certification of semen station / semen / embryos / bull mother farms and private AI workers
  • Existing procedure for testing bulls and bull mothers against various sexually transmitted diseases and periodicity
  • Existing procedure for treating the repeat breeders
  • Perception of beneficiaries in terms of their requirements from the project
  • Feed and fodder situation, quality of fodders and its effects on reproductive status of animals in the state


Approach to the Study

  • Base year – 2005-06 (End of phase I)
  • Study Period – 2006-07 to 2009-10
  • Interaction with CEO and other officials of various units and stakeholders.
  • Visit and study of existing and new units established, in terms of physical and financial program sanctioned/ implemented, adequacy of existing facilities, cost effectiveness, new investments required and their justification.
  • AI centers – Performance of the Agency wise (Co-operative, Govt, private and NGO) AI centers and NS centers – 5 centers from each agency
  • To study the perception of beneficiaries at least 2/3 beneficiaries from each sample AI/NS centers.
  • Present breeding policy for cattle and bull  production program of the State Govt. along with facilities created and targets to be studied.
  • Possibility of integration of this project with other multilateral / bilateral / centrally sponsored schemes.
  • Other aspects required for preparing the Study report – Discussions with the officials of SIA / DAH /  Federations / NGOs, etc.
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