Preparing a Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Detailed project report (DPR) is an essential tool for decision making for the entrepreneurs/promoters of business, and for financing institutes/banks. It is also an essential building block for completion of a project/task. It provides a panoramic view of the business module, methodology and financials. It must be prepared very carefully and with sufficient details to ensure appraisal, approval and finally disbursement of funds/loan by financial Institution/bank.

DPR should be prepared by an experienced consultant who understands technical aspects/know-how related to the subject. He should have good experience and rich knowledge of planning a business. He should be a good financial analyst as well as a visionary. He should have some banking background/knowledge with exposure to the pros and cons of the business.

In my next post, I'll be providing important points that should be considered while formulating/preparing a detailed bankable project report (DPR), especially for livestock and poultry farming/rearing/breeding projects. 

I’ll be providing these details to help the entrepreneurs and farmers in understanding the requirements of the animal farming business. Also, it will help other consultants in formulating the project report for the entrepreneurs.

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