How to Select a Cow for Dairy Farming?

Sahiwal Cow (from Wikipedia)

 Selecting a good cow is the most crucial activity for a dairy farmer. Success of the dairy farm depends upon proper selection of cow. The following tips will help in selecting a good cow for a dairy farm. You can ask for clarification on below mentioned points.

  1. Select the cow both in first or second lactation and in second month of lactation
  2. Do not purchase purebred exotic cows as it is difficult to maintain them under Indian climatic condition. You can select either crossbred exotic or pure bred indigenous milch breed like Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi etc.
  3. Skin of the cow should be shining and elastic
  4. Milk vein of the cow should be prominent and tortuous
  5. Udder of the cow should be Soft and spongy without lumps
  6. Teats should be uniform and well placed
  7. Eyes should be bright without discharge
  8. Muzzle of the cow should be Dark moist and cool
  9. Ears should be alert without discharge
  10. Horns should be smooth
  11. Hoofs should be uniform without lameness
  12. Thorax of the cow should be wide & ribs should be well-arched
  13. Pelvis should be well developed
  14. Calf of the cow must be healthy
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