Goat Farming in India II – Centrally Sponsored Scheme

Since many of you have asked about goat farming, I am going to write a series of posts that will provide basic introduction, information about a centrally sponsored scheme, project cost at a glance, goat farm register for record keeping, and general tips on goat farming. (Also see part I)

Integral farming of small ruminants can help in rural development and can also reduce unemployment leading to rural prosperity. Toward this, the Government of India has launched a Centrally Sponsored Scheme – Integrated Development of Small Ruminants (Sheep/Goats) and Rabbits – to promote commercial farming of sheep, goat and rabbit.

This scheme will provide venture capital assistance through an interest free loan with a focus on 114 districts for small ruminants and 12 districts for rabbits in 24 states. It is valid during the remaining period of XI Five Year Plan.

A) Project Costs & Capital Subsidy (back ended)



Total Financial Outlay (Rs. Lakh)

Capital Subsidy for General Category

Capital Subsidy for SC/ST Category, Hilly & NER incl. Sikkim


Rearing of Sheep and Goats (40F + 2M.)


25% of the outlay subject to a max. of Rs.25000/-

33.33% of the outlay subject to a max. of Rs.333000/-


Sheep and Goat breeding units (500F + 25M.)


25% of the outlay subject to a max. of Rs.6.25 Lakh

33.33% of the outlay subject to a max. of Rs.8.33 Lakh


Rabbit rearing units


25% of the outlay subject to a max. of Rs.56000/-

33.33% of the outlay subject to a max. of Rs.75000/-


B) Repayment period

Repayment period of bank loan will depend up on the cash flow and will be up to maximum of 9 years including grace period of 2 years.

C) Rate of Interest

Rate of interest on term loan shall be as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines and declared policy of the financing bank.


D) Security

The security for availing the loan will be as per guidelines issued by RBI from time to time.


E) Refinance assistance from NABARD

NABARD would provide refinance assistance to commercial banks, rural regional banks, state cooperative banks and state cooperative agriculture and rural development banks, and other such eligible institutions. Quantum and rate of interest on refinance will be as decided by NABARD on periodic basis.


F) Potential Districts in Maharashtra State

  • Ahmednagar,
  • Beed,
  • Dhule,
  • Nasik,
  • Pune,
  • Sangli,
  • Satara,
  • Solapur and
  • Yavatmal.


For further details of centrally sponsored scheme please refer to NABARD circular No.219/ICD-46/2009 dated 24 December 2009 and revised circular No. 141 dated 29 July 2010.

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