Goat Farming in India III: Project Cost at a Glance

This article is part of a series I am writing on goat farming that will provide basic introduction, information about a centrally sponsored scheme, project cost at a glance, goat farm register for record keeping, and general tips on goat farming. (Also see part I, part II)


To help you understand the economics of goat farming, I have prepared a summary of the project cost for a semi intensive system of goat breeding farm with the latest information to my knowledge.
The project cost is provided for 500 Does and 25 Bucks. The breeds of the goat considered in this cost estimate are Osmanabadi and/or Sangamneri breeds.
This project cost summary will provide you information on the investment cost related to the land, shed, equipments, breeding stock etc. and on the bank loan, interest etc.

Brief Preview of the Project at a glance

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