Indicative Cost of Rabbit Farming

Here is the sample model farming unit cost for a rabbit farming unit for which subsidy is available under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme: Integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits from the Govt. of India. The subsidies are also available for sheep, goat and pig farming units for which I have already provided the indicative unit costs. 

Indicative Farm Model: angora Rabbit Farming

ah-sgpr-rabbit Note: The above costs are only indicative & may vary from place to place as per local situation.
Breed: Angora rabbit (Angora rabbits can be very well reared in hilly areas above 1000 m MSL).

Next, I will be providing sample model unit costs for various poultry projects (e.g., layer, broiler, feedmill, etc.) under centrally sponsored scheme for Poultry Venture Capital Fund (Subsidy).

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